Introducing the ASONA Acoustical Range for walls and ceilings. Discover the wide range of design and acoustic possibilities and find the perfect design fit for your interior.

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USG Boral is proud to be a distributor of ASONA in Australia. Choose from a range of decorative wall and ceiling panels to meet your acoustical interior needs.

With Triton Fabwall, Cloud Shapes, Triton Sports and more, let Asona be the solution to your interior acoustic challenges.


Triton 25

ASONA Triton™ 25, a high sound absorbing glass fibre ceiling panel. Available in a selection of finished including Sonatex™ white, colours and perforated laminates. Ideal for areas requiring background noise control and reverberation.

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Triton 50

ASONA Triton™ 50, a high sound absorbing glass fibre ceiling panel best suited for suspended ceiling or directly fixed over plasterboard linings. Available in plain and coloured Sonatex™ and perforated Sonatex™ laminates.

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Triton Duo 60

ASONA Triton™ Duo 60 is made from a 60mm thick dual layer composite absorber and Sonatex™ attenuator ceiling panel, this panel is ideal under metal roofing.

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Triton Sports

ASONA Triton™ Sports. Made from high impact glass fibre and absorbs reverberations and sound from impact, knocks and bumps. This panel is ideal in gymnasiums, classrooms, halls and corridors.

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Triton Cloud Sound Shapes

ASONA Triton™ Cloud Sound Shapes, a proprietary edge wrapped glass fibre. Available wrapped in fabric, 1963 woven glass fabric or Sonatex™ glass mat acoustic facings.

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Triton Baffle Beam

ASONA Triton™ Baffle Beam is a linear beam or panel designed to control reverberation and absorb sound, ASONA Triton Baffle Beam is ideal in open-plan layout with exposed ceilings to provide an attractive linear aesthetic.

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Triton Fabwall

ASONA Triton™ Fabwall is a pre-fabricated acoustic wall panel with resin reinforced edges. Available in 25, 40, 50, 75 and 100mm thickness and a range of decorative fabric, Fabwall is designed for a plush high-end aesthetic.

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