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“The key issues for us when selecting materials for use on site include: safety; cost; time; speed of installation and availability of product; also ease of handling/transporting to site and while on-site; and environmental benefits of products”. 

Grocon Assistant Project Manager, Cameron Starkey.

We couldn't sum it up any better. At USG Boral we're Supporting those who Build every step of the way.

“We do use a lot of companies but USG Boral really are the way we see it the way we operate is like a partnership. ...they’re always there and if you need any technical advice they always send the representative to site and can provide us with technical knowledge or installation processes…That's quite important for us because we are confident that the way we install it and any technical issue is resolved straight away.
Riaz Rezvani, Sunland Group.



The Heavy Vehicle Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Legislation requires (but is not limited to) Load Restraint, Mass Management, Load Dimension, Speed and Fatigue Management compliance.

For guidance material regarding Load Restraint, please see links below:

The NTC completed a major review of the Load Restraint Guide Second Edition 2004 in January 2018 to ensure it was clear, user-friendly and based on the best available evidence on how to safely restrain and transport the majority of loads carried by heavy vehicles in Australia. The Load Restraint Guide 2018 was formally approved by the Transport and Infrastructure Council on 10 November 2017.

The Load Restraint Guide 2018 provides drivers, owners, operators, freight consigners, vehicle manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers with the basic safety principles that should be followed when designing a load restraint system to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of loads.

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View our gallery of past projects to see USG Boral people, products & solutions in action.  USG Boral. Proud Supporter of a Job Well Done.

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“It’s been a long time since we’ve seen innovation in the industry and USG Boral are bringing that with their lining and applied finishes. USG Boral are a great company to work with and their innovative approach helps us as a contractor”. 

  Johnson Walls and and Ceilings, Terry Culbertson.

USG Boral offers a wide range of solutions to satisfy specific requirements of various buildings, such as fire protection, sound isolation, sound absorption and impact resistance. The use of USG Boral GECA lightweight buildings systems and GECA certified products can also contribute to the environmental performance and Green Star rating of a project.