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CLEAN ROOM ClimaPlus™ Acoustical Ceiling Panels

Designed for clean-room environments, these Class 100 and Class 10M-100M panels are sag-resistant and adhere to USA federal and ISO standards.

CLEAN ROOM® ClimaPlus™ Acoustical Ceiling Panels are perfect for ISO 5, 100-rated to 10M-100M- rated clean rooms, computer and control rooms, kitchens/food prep areas (ISO 5 or Class 100 only) and sterile rooms.  They are designed with FIRECODE® for use in fire-rated assemblies and are available with High Recycled Content (HRC).

CLEAN ROOM® ClimaPlus™ Acoustical Ceiling Panels are not only designed to meet Federal Standard 209E, "Clean Room and Work Station Requirements Controlled Environments," but their design also ensures  they are sag-resistant and easy to clean.  This makes them the perfect choice for Clean Room environments.

  • Clean Room™ ClimaPlus™ Class 100 and Class 10M–100M panels have an embossed, vinyl-laminated face with sealed back and edges for use in ISO 5 and Class 100 or 10M–100M clean rooms
  • USDA Certified Bio-based Product
  • FireCode® product designed to meet life-safety codes
  • ClimaPlus 30-year lifetime system warranty against visible sag
  • Available with High Recycled Content (HRC)
  • Low-emitting product
Physical Properties
  • Type: Acoustical Ceiling Panels, Acoustical Suspended Ceiling Panels
  • For use in a fire rated system
  • Material: Mineral Fiber
  • Humidity Resistant 
  • Sag Resistant
  • Texture(s): Fine, Smooth 
  • Colour(s): White 
  • Edge Profile(s): Square Edge 
  • Panel Size: 600 mm; 1200mm
  • Panel Width: 600 mm 
  • Panel Thickness: 15 mm
  • CAC: 35-39 
  • Light Reflectance: .79 
  • NRC: 0.55 to 0.60 (Class 10M-100M)
  • ISO 5 Cleanroom 

Up to 50.5 % Recycled


Kitchens/Food Prep Areas, Laboratories/Operating Rooms/Imaging Rooms, Nurseries/Birthing Rooms, Patient Rooms, Restrooms/Utility Rooms/Loading Docks