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Acoustic Suspension Systems

Acoustic Suspension Systems

The working environment as we know it today has evolved over the years. Organisations and workplaces are now equipped with innovative, aesthetically pleasing and up-to-date surroundings, thus creating a working environment that is comfortable for all. Initially, suspended ceiling systems were designed to conceal pipe work, wiring and other building elements that are quite unsightly. The clean modular design of the suspension systems allow the designer to create a range of different aesthetic and functional layouts. USG Boral offers suspended ceilings that also have great acoustic qualities.

Acoustic suspension ceiling systems are commonly used in offices and schools where it is important to hide air ducts, wiring or pipe work whilst at the same time providing a clean, professional appearance with sound absorbing properties. 

USG Boral acoustic suspension systems assist to reduce sound transfer in relevant building applications such as meeting rooms, private offices and adjacent work areas where privacy is important. 

Our systems are engineered to be quickly installed and removed, potentially saving you time and money on renovations as well as providing one of the strongest seismic resistant systems on the market. Our products are fire and rust-resistant, with great load-carrying capacities for air circulation grilles, light fixtures and acoustic panels. USG Boral’s range of ceilings and suspension systems also with high-performance Healthcare Coating offers tough antimicrobial protection, while allowing you to choose the ceiling design you want.

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