Suspended Ceilings - DONN® Centricitee™ DXT Acoustical Suspension System

DONN® Centricitee™ DXT Acoustical Suspension System

Rondo DONN® Centricitee™ DXT Acoustical Suspension System has a narrow 15mm face, offering an alternative to 24mm exposed grid systems.  Equipped with offset ends that rest on tees to eliminate sagging and twisting, they are also designed for quick installation and removal, reducing installation and renovation costs.

This ceiling suspension system has an innovative, proprietary self-centring device built into each runner, preventing panel lip-out.

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Physical Properties
  • Type: Grid, Ceiling Suspension System, Standard Suspension Systems 
  • For use in a fire rated system
  • Material: Steel 
  • Colour(s): White 
  • 15mm Exposed Grid
  • General Offices
  • Hotels
  • Retail Malls
  • Banks
  • Reception/lobbies
  • Board Rooms
  • Showrooms
  • Education
  • Medical
Features and Benefits
  • 15mm exposed grid offers clean aesthetic
  • Proprietary panel-centring device allows use of several standard square-edge panels
  • Refer to specific ceiling panel for limitations with square edge panels
  • Cross tees override-ends resist twisting and ensure a finished look
  • Meets or exceeds all New Zealand and Australia seismic code requirements
  • Design flexibility helps meet life safety codes
  • Proprietary Quick-Release™ cross tees

Installing USG Boral DONN® Ceiling Tile & Grid