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Triton Duo 60 - Asona Acoustical Range

Triton Duo 60™ is made as a 60 mm thick dual layer composite absorber and attenuator ceiling panel with a Sonatex™ facer on a 50 mm absorber combined with a 10 mm high mass 740 kg/m³ attenuator plasterboard backer.

Designed for controlling the reverberation and speech privacy between classrooms, meeting rooms, offices and for the attenuation of rain noise under metal roofing or plenum mechanical services noise.

Triton Duo 60™ is a 60 mm thick composite ceiling panel designed to provide high sound absorption and attenuation for control of reverberation and transmitted noise. 

Triton Duo 60™ will attenuate rain noise under metal roofs, plenum noise from A/C ducts, provides room to room privacy with ceiling over partition heads and will reduce reverberation times in office, classrooms, corridors, meeting rooms etc. 

Check out the ASONA Sonaris App here for design possibilities using Triton Panels.

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