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Asona Triton Cloud Sound Shapes

Triton Cloud Panel™ is a proprietary edge wrapped glass fibre, high sound absorbing acoustic panel faced with either Sonatex™ glass mat acoustic facing, 1963 woven glass fabric or wrapped in fabric.

Triton Cloud™ panel is designed as a free floating or direct fixed acoustic ceiling panel. Ideal for call centres, offices, corridors, schools, halls, gymnasiums, cafes. Triton Sound Shapes™ are designed to fit together in formations to control unwanted noise and reverberation in irregular shaped spaces & corridors.

Physical Properties

  • Glass fibre core provides very high sound absorption, NRC 1.00, ISO 11654 class A, αW 1.0
  • Clean frameless look with wrapped edges
  • High light reflectance in standard white, colours available
  • Available in standard or custom sizes
  • Can have reinforced aluminium edges or frameless
  • Low embodied energy, 80% recycled content
  • Available in 40,50,75,100mm thicknesses
  • Large selection of fabrics available
  • Width 1200mm max, length to 3000mm subject to type
  • Reinforced edges or frameless options


  • Call centres, offices, corridors, schools, halls, gymnasiums, cafes. 
  • Dimensionally stable in high humidity, special version available for use in swimming pool applications 
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