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Translucents™ Luminous Infill Ceiling Panels

Create a high-tech look that will leave a lasting impression with these elegant yet functional translucent ceiling panels.  

Translucents™ Luminous Infill Ceiling Panels come in a variety of colours as 610mm x 610mm and 610mm x 1830mm panels, which offer full accessibility to the ceiling plenum. They’re ideal for lobbies, contemporary office spaces, entertainment and gaming facilities, high bay areas and retail spaces.

Translucents™ Luminous Infill Ceiling Panels are available in more than 20 finishes, colours and patterns and produce numerous decorative options, appropriate for a variety of ceiling applications. Finishes include Lexan, Natural, Woven, Industrial, Shimmer, Textile and Embossed; each with an assortment of colours that project customised looks and moods. 

  • Fully accessible translucent (luminous) lay-in panels 
  • Panels can be used with standard DONN® brand DX®/DXL™, Centricitee™DXT™, curvaTura™ 3-D System and GridWare™ suspension systems 
  • Available in 6 finishes: Natural (4 colour choices), Woven (3 colour choices), Industrial (2 colour choices), Shimmer (2 colour choices), Textiles (7 colour choices) and Embossed (2 colour choices) 
  • 610mm x 610mm' panels (603mm x 603mm) in all finishes 
  • 610mm x 1822mm panels (603mm x 1822mm) in all finishes  
  • Woven, Shimmer, Textiles, Industrial and natural finishes contain a minimum 40% recycled content 
  • Embossed acrylic panels contain a minimum of 50% recycled content 
  • Coordinating suspension and trim colours as well as larger colour swatches can be found on the Translucents™ Finishes page (IC552)
Physical Properties
  • Type: Luminous Specialty Ceiling Panels, Luminous Infill Panels, Specialty Suspended Ceiling Panels 
  • Material: Lexan 
  • Humidity Resistant 
  • Sag Resistant 
  • Colour(s): Artichoke, Avanti, Beige Interlock, Butterscotch, Cache White, FRP Corrugated, FRP Smooth, Hazelnut, Honey Iridescent, Iris, Leaves, Lexan Clear Matte, Lexan Glass Green Matte, Lexan Glass Green Matte #542, Lipstick Meander, Luna Ice, Mandarin Iridescent, Nautical, Ovalesque Frost, Paper Leaf, Rain, Searchlight, Silver Spun, White Fiberoptic, White Meander, White Mesh 
  • Panel Size: 610mm (603mm) 
  • Panel Width: 610mm (603mm) or 1830mm (1822mm)

Up to 50 % Recycled

  • Lobbies
  • Contemporary office environments
  • Entertainment, gaming areas
  • High-bay areas
  • Retail stores