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SHEETROCK® Cove 55, 75 & 90mm Cornice

SHEETROCK® Cove is USG Boral’s lightweight paper face cove cornice.

Using innovative core technology, SHEETROCK® Cove is 5% lighter than previous USG Boral Cove products* and has high strength-to-weight composite design.

Encased in a strong 100% recycled paper liner, SHEETROCK® Cove provides a rigid cornice that makes carrying, handling and installing easy. 

Its classic clean lines and consistent style make it ideal for residential and commercial internal ceiling applications.

Conveniently available in 55, 75 and 90mm profile sizes and up to 5.4m lengths.

  • Availability may vary depending on state/regions. Please confirm with your local supplier of USG Boral SHEETROCK® Cove.
  • To find out how to install a cornice, click to watch our 'How to' Cornice Installation video.
Physical Properties
  • Rigid and durable paper-faced cove cornice
  • Profiles: 55mm, 75mm and 90mm
  • Standard Sizes: 3000mm, 3600mm, 4200mm, 4800mm, 5400mm
  • Weights (nominal):
  • 58kg/100LM (55mm)
  • 90kg/100LM (75mm)
  • 118kg/100LM (90mm)
  • Provides a classic finish on interior wall and ceiling joins.
  • Ideal for residential and commercial internal ceiling applications.
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