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SHEETROCK® Easy Sand™ Lightweight Base Compounds

SHEETROCK® Easy Sand™ is a lightweight, plaster based setting type compound formulated  for the bedding of plasterboard joints, angles and  spotting fastener heads when used in  conjunction with USG Boral Finishing Compounds. It weighs up to 25% less than conventional setting type compounds and provides very  easy sanding and low shrinkage, making it  ideal  for heavy fills and patching jobs. 

Mixes up to a lightweight creamy texture and is suitable for achieving a smooth plasterboard joint finish.

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Physical Properties
  • Colour: White
  • Type: Setting-Type Joint Compounds
  • Packaging: 16kg (90 setting time) and 8.1 kg (20 setting time) bags
  • Coverage: 13 kg / 100sqm
  • Manufacture: Compound is manufactured to stringent USG Boral product quality control specifications
  • Surfaces must be clean a free of dust
  • Can be applied with hand or mechanical tools
  • The use of SHEETROCK® paper tape is recommended
  • Ensure there is sufficient amount of compound under the paper tape to provide adhesion
  • Each coat of Easy Sand must be allowed to set thoroughly before applying the next coat
  • Thoroughly clean all tools and equipment after use
Features and Benefits
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Sanding
  • Resists shrinkage and edge cracking
  • Consistent working times
  • Easy scrape back