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SHEETROCK® Total Finishing Joint Compound

SHEETROCK® Total™ finishing compound is a standard weight premium grade product which offers all the benefits of conventional-weight compound but is up to 15% lighter and results in less shrinkage and is easy to sand.

It makes handling and applying simpler, easier and faster. It is designed to be used in conjunction with BaseCote™, Easy Sand™ and RediBase™ compounds.

Total is suitable for the final coating of plasterboard joints, angles, and fastener heads when used in conjunction with BaseCote™, Easy Sand™ or RediBase™ compounds

Total is suitable for use as the second and third coat in the USG Boral three coat jointing system.

Total can be used over plasterboard or fibre cement sheeting.

Physical Properties
  • Colour: Yellow Tint.
  • Working Time: Drying Type: Minimum 24hrs or longer in adverse conditions
  • Packaging: 26 Kg resealable pail
  • Coverage: 44 ltr / 100 sqm board.
  • Manufacture: Compound is manufactured to stringent USG Boral product quality control specifications.
  • Surfaces must be clean a free of dust
  • SHEETROCK® Total™ can be diluted with water for use in mechanical tools as necessary.
  • Add water in 250ml increments to avoid over thinning.
  • Can be applied with hand or mechanical tools
  • Only apply over base compounds that have been allowed to dry thoroughly (24hrs)
  • Total compound must be allowed to dry thoroughly (approx. 24 hours) before sanding or coating
  • If needed, sand lightly with 220 grit sandpaper
  • Thoroughly clean all tools and equipment after use.