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Shaftliner ™ - Fire-Rated Plasterboard

Shaftliner™ panels are specially manufactured fire-stop plasterboard panels, developed for use in USG Boral Plasterboard Cavity Shaftwall systems. They provide fire protection for elevator shafts, vertical ducts and other applications where installation is possible from one side only.

Shaftliner™ panel is a fire rated plasterboard utilised in Partiwall®, IntRwall® and Shaftwall systems.

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Physical Properties
  • Thickness: 25mm
  • Edge Profile: bevelled edge
  • Paper Colour: Blue/Grey
  • Width: 600mm
  • Lengths: 3000mm and 3600mm
  • Fire rated systems, suitable for vertical ducts and elevators shaft
Features and Benefits
  • Fire resistance
  • Lightweight construction
  • Acoustic performance
  • GECA certified
  • May contribute to green star points
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