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Soundstop® - Sound Resistant Plasterboard

Soundstop® is specifically developed to help control room noise levels and improve living comfort in both residential and commercial environments.

In the home, it can lower the noise and disturbance created between family members while doing day-to-day activities and suppress unwanted noises from guests. There are several suitable commercial applications as well, such as meeting rooms and multi-residential developments.

Soundstop® 10mm and 13mm plasterboard is utilised in QuietZone®, CinemaZone®, Partiwall® and other proprietary USG Boral building systems where reducing sound transfer from one room to another is required.

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Physical Properties
  • Thickness: 10mm & 13mm
  • Edge Profiles: Recessed Edge
  • Paper Colour: Yellow
  • Residential Examples: Bedrooms, Living Room, Study, Nursery, Laundry, Studio/Cinema
  • Commercial Examples: Meeting Rooms, Hospital Rooms, Hotel Rooms, Lobbies, Libraries
Features and Benefits
  • Sound resistance
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for use in proprietary USG Boral Acoustic rated building systems
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