House Rules | USG Boral is back for another season!

USG Boral is a Proud Supplier to ‘House Rules’ on Channel 7

Series 8 sees the stakes get even higher with only 6 teams able to have their home renovated. So we’re proudly supporting the hard work of #houserules teams across the country as they compete to ensure it’s one of them!

We’re building on our past experience supplying to this terrific series – we want to ensure our SHEETROCK® plasterboard features in the homes of these fabulous teams and our many wall & ceiling products can help ensure their renovations are a #jobwelldone. We hope to help make their and your home dreams come true @houserules

Stay tuned for all the fun, laughter, sensational design ideas and renovating dreams & disasters as we proudly support those who build.



Lenore and Bradley finally got a rest this week whilst the teams got stuck into Lenore’s Greystanes house. The double elimination is only two renovations away and weighing heavily on the teams’ minds. The stakes are definitely raised. Lenore and Bradley outlined their design rules:

1. We would love a refreshed Hamptons home.
2. Open up with light and love.
3. Give us the blues.
4. Deliver elegance with contemporary, clean and crisp wet areas.
5. My grandson Aiden deserves a nursery fit for a Prince.

As per usual not every team had a seamless week with issues from a time consuming 180 shell light feature to running short on products. What did go right was our delivery and use of our  SHEETROCK® plasterboards and finishing compounds to help the teams create Lenore’s Hamptons dream home. There was a teary return for Lenore and Bradley to their family home as they walked through their beautifully renovated house. Congratulations to Kimmi and Rhi for taking away the $10K again this week.This time their prize money is going towards their mother to give back for supporting them.  Unfortunately for Kayne and Aimee who found themselves at the bottom of the leaderboard again. Next week will be the final renovation before the double elimination. Time to turn up the heat. 

For more information on the NSW renovation, watch the full makeover here.


This week saw the teams travel to QLD to renovate minimalist couple, Tamara and Rhys’s home. There were plenty of challenges this week from asbestos removals costing the teams a full day’s work and heavy rain causing stress. Tamara and Rhys outlined their design rules for their home:

1. Design an integrated, clutter-free, minimalist home.
2. Sleek finishes and modern lines. 
3. Pepper with jewel tones
4. Deliver a WOW in every room.
5. Give Rhys a paradise to pump iron in. 

Although delivered in the rain, the teams ensured our WETSTOP™ plasterboard, Stud Adhesive and Compounds made it inside safely so they could get onto building. The asbestos removal meant the entire house needed all of the interior linings replaced. Installing and sanding new walls in living spaces was quick to light work thanks to our SHEETROCK® plasterboards and finishing compounds, with Kimmi and Rhi able to start painting their feature wall well ahead of time. Kimmi and Rhi were also assigned the laundry space to renovate. They translated the integration rule perfectly by using our water-resistant WETSTOP™ plasterboard to provide a sleek and practical laundry. The teams had mixed reactions from the judges as well as Tamara and Rhys, but Laith and George came out on top taking home their first win of $10K.

For more information on the QLD renovation, watch the full makeover here.



Flying over to WA this week to complete Tanya and Dave’s family home. The teams were confronted by an enormous house (three rooms per team!) and given the task of transforming it into an open-plan beach pad. Tanya and Dave were concerned that none of the teams renovating had kids of their own, leading them to question if they knew how to renovate an effective family home. The design rules included:

1. Give us a natural, coastal, family home.
2. Storage solutions for the whole family.
3. Layer and texture with rattan and cane. 
4. Deliver with refined use of whites and dusty tones.
5. We’d love a break from the kids upstairs.

From last week’s cornice feature wall to this week’s use of our Sydney decorative cornice to complete the stairwell, our cornices are quickly becoming the stars of the renovated rooms. View our full range of cornice options. The teams continued utilising our SHEETROCK® plasterboard to renovate the house’s interior linings including Wet Area Plasterboard in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry to give Tanya and Dave’s forever home lasting support. Congratulations to Kayne & Aimee who scored top of the leader board and taking home the $10K after the combined scores from the judges and teams.


The teams headed to Western Sydney to begin renovation on Laith and George’s bachelor pad. Kayne and Aimee were excited to get their hands dirty in their first home renovation. This will be the boy’s first home out of their parent’s house - joking that they don’t need a laundry with their parents home only a few streets away. The layout of the home was definitely a challenge for the teams with no roof or floor materials the same throughout the house. This week George set the design rules for Laith’s first home:

1. Create a suave and sophisticated, masculine home
2. Style with deep heritage colours. 
3. We’ll be looking for the finer details and quality craftsmanship
4. Give us a VIP lounge fit for distinguished us
5. Open up for family gatherings 

Our SHEETROCK® Cove Cornice was innovatively used by Lenore and Bradley as a feature wall in the living room. The cornice would’ve added sophistication to the room if only used on the ceilings, but the application to also create a textured feature wall definitely added to the suave look of the room. The house needed a full gutting to create Laith and George’s open-plan design rule. To achieve this, the teams installed our SHEETROCK® plasterboard and Boral Builders Cement to complete the new build.

Kimmi and Rhi were able to hold their lead after the final scores between the judges, Laith and George - as well as the teams scoring each other’s rooms.

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Kayne and Aimee’s Cranbourne house was first up on the renovation block. If the stakes weren’t high enough before, now the teams have to create high-end finishes for people with whom they have built a connection. To ensure consistency throughout their home Kayne and Aimee set their design rules:

1. Create a modern, light-filled eco-ranch
2. Embrace texture and upcycle wood
3. Be soft and subtle with colour
4. Think inside-out with the bathroom
5. Bring relaxation and the rainforest into our master bedroom 

This week was all about building foundations to last and the teams were seen padding out Kayne and Aimee’s walls and ceilings with our SHEETROCK® Plasterboard and Flexiboard®, while the guest and ensuite bathrooms got their makeover with our water-resistant WETSTOP™ plasterboard. As an added bonus towards Kayne and Aimee’s eco focus, all USG Boral plasterboard products are manufactured from a combination of natural gypsum, and paper liner made from 100% reclaimed and recycled paper waste and our WETSTOP plasterboard may even contribute to Green Star credit points.

Congratulations to the twins Kimmi and Rhi on winning the $10K with their combined scores of Kayne, Aimee, the judges and amongst themselves. Looking forward to seeing how the teams take on Laith and George’s home in the next renovation. 

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The Miami Beach penthouse renovation is officially complete. The teams had to abide by updated house rules:

1. Create a Miami Beach penthouse
2. Embrace the sexy curves and views 
3. Impress with gelato colours
4. Entertain upstairs with lavish style
5. Give each bedroom an identity 

The pressure was high this week, with the Miami Beach penthouse renovation part two being the deciding factor on whose house is renovated later in the series. In order for the teams to get through to the next round, they were scored on their combined renovations. The teams struggled with the difference between the luxury and lavish rules. We were very excited to see the teams using our BaseCote 60 and SHEETROCK® Total Lite compounds to achieve their lavish walls and ceilings. Find out more about our compounds.

Unfortunately, the cheerleaders Susan and Anthony found themselves at the bottom of the scoreboard and missed out on their dream of having their house renovated. We can’t wait to see how the existing teams take on the home renovations moving forward!  



Season 8 has started with a bang, raising this year’s stakes 32 stories high! As a proud supplier of House Rules 2020, we are loving how this year’s teams are jumping on the challenge of incorporating the design rules:

1. Create a Miami Beach penthouse
2. Embrace the sexy curves and views
3. Impress gelato colour
4. Size matters in the kitchen
5. Add luxury and glamour to the Master Bedroom

We have already spotted our SHEETROCK® HD plasterboard on Monday’s episode being used in Laith and George’s retreat room, as well as the cheerleaders Susan and Anthony in their bar on Tuesday night. Our SHEETROCK® HD 13mm plasterboard with superior acoustical performance is perfect to use in high noise volume areas such as a bar and bedroom retreat. Find out more about our plasterboard products. (

This luxury Miami Beach apartment challenge set the scene for the rest of the season as it secures a spot in the Top 6 and a guarantee for the winner’s house being renovated. Congratulations to Tanya and Dave for winning this first challenge.



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