USG Boral Proud Supplier House Rules Ch7

Proud Supplier to House Rules on Channel 7

Proud Supplier to House Rules on Channel 7

“Our #2 Season as proud plasterboard supplier to House Rules on Channel 7 started on April 30th and we’re keen to see how handy the contestants are building walls & ceilings with our plasterboard products.

Our SHEETROCK® wall & ceiling board and WetStop® plasterboard were delivered towards the end of Episode#1 and we saw QLD team Aaron & Daniella showing the other contestants how to correctly carry plasterboard sheets off the truck.

USG Boral plasterboard has featured in each of the VIC, SA, WA and NSW house renovations with SHEETROCK® Cove Cornice featuring in NSW team Bec & Troy's new home in Episode #14. 
Cairo 2 Step Decorative Cornice added a wonderful finishing touch to Sean & Ella's new TAS dining room - scoring a Series high from the Judges.

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