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New ceiling range wowing the architectural design industry

New ceiling range wowing the architectural design industry

Architects looking for unique visual effects are being wowed by the Asona range of acoustical ceiling products, according to Susan Lawrence, USG Boral’s Category Manager for Ceilings.

A recent addition to USG Boral’s extensive range of ceiling products and systems, the Asona acoustical range is already gaining a lot of attention from Australian architects and designers. Our Architectural Team who are out and about in the industry report that Asona’s sheer flexibility is the underlying reason for the interest.


Fundamental to this flexibility is an innovative glass laminate, Sonatex™. Patented by Asona, it can be manufactured with other materials in up to seven layers. This doesn’t only mean that it can be manufactured to meet a range of different sound absorption standards. It can also be impact resistant for use in walls and sports stadiums – or even formulated with a hygienic fabric for health environments.

This level of flexibility makes Asona an eminently practical solution for spaces requiring sound absorption – from school libraries to swimming and sports centres to reconditioned heritage buildings, especially those with a tin roof!

Within commercial buildings, it can provide increased acoustics for foyers, kitchens or meeting rooms. Different visual treatments can denote different areas within flexible working spaces, such as collaboration spaces – creating visual as well as noise-reduction ambiance.


Finally, the ultimate flexibility is the variety of standard and customised facings Sonatex™ can be produced in. Architects and interior designers can stipulate any colour and pretty much any texture for ceiling panels – from bright primary colours to timber effects. Patterns, perforations and die-cuts can all be customised to create unique visual effects. Plus, as they’re manufactured in New Zealand, even heavily customised Asona acoustical panels have short lead times for Australian delivery.

If you’d like to understand how the Asona range could help you realise a special vision for a construction or refurbishment project, contact one of our Architectural Team or call TecASSIST™ on 1800 811 222


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