Achieving an acoustic ceiling with a monolithic look is now easy

Achieving an acoustic ceiling with a monolithic look is now easy

Achieving an acoustic ceiling with a monolithic look is now easy

USG Boral’s Category Manager for Ceilings, Susan Lawrence, explains how fast and simple it is to install Ensemble™, our new acoustic ceiling plasterboard system.

We’re very excited to be launching a revolutionary new acoustic ceiling system in Australia. Ensemble has already received accolades from the WA architecture and building community, where it was first used in the refurbishment of a classic office building in Perth.

Architects we’re speaking with in other states are also excited – so wall and ceiling contractors can expect to be asked to quote on installing the Ensemble system in commercial buildings in the near future.


The unique appeal of Ensemble in Australia is that, to date, there has been no cost-effective way to achieve a monolithic look in an acoustic ceiling. These attributes are much sought-after for public spaces with lots of hard surfaces, such as office reception areas, theatre foyers, hotel and hospital lobbies, large meeting rooms and conference centres, museums, galleries, libraries, educational and sporting facilities, and hospitality venues.

Much of the cost savings are in the speed with which the Ensemble system can be installed. Time is money, and it’s simply a more efficient way of achieving the desired result. In fact, we believe it’s the fastest monolithic acoustic plasterboard system available:

·       Drying time between finishing coats is just 10-20 minutes instead for 4-24 hours – just time for a coffee!

·       The Ensemble system is completed in just six steps, compared to 10-14 steps for other monolithic acoustic         systems.

·       All up, you can achieve 10m² in a day, compared to 3-6 days for a comparable effect.


The Ensemble system comprises three principal elements – all designed to work together to maximise NRC and CAC performance:

1.     Highly engineered USG Boral SHEETROCK® Ensemble panels are uniformly perforated to absorb sound at low to mid frequencies, sound is absorbed upwards into the plenum space. The porous acoustical veils laminated to the front and rear of the panel helps with high frequency absorption.

2.     Ensemble Panels are screw-attached to a ceiling suspension system such as Rondo KEY-LOCK® or Drywall Grid.

3.     After panel installation, the system is completed with USG Boral Ensemble Spray-Applied Finish using a Graco GTX™ 2000 hopper – creating a monolithic appearance with tiny irregular perforations which allow sound to pass through.

For maximum sound absorption to fulfil the most demanding requirements, we also recommend insulation above the grid layer, such as Fletchers 90mm-thick 14kg/m3 glass wool.



Whether you are bidding for a contract for which Ensemble has already been specified – or thinking that it could be a better solution for a current project – our support teams are primed to assist.

You can get quotes for all the materials you’ll need from your USG Boral Account Manager or local USG Boral Trade Store, and our TecASSIST™ team is ready to answer any technical questions by phone, email or LiveChat. We can also help with training your staff in Ensemble installation techniques, including the final spraying process.

For more product information and to watch a video of Ensemble in action, visit


About the author:

Susan Lawrence is USG Boral’s Ceilings Category Manager. With over 16 years’ experience in the Plasterboard and Ceiling Tile industry, Susan has sound knowledge of what the design requirements of today demand from building material suppliers and works to integrate the innovative technology available within USG Boral to bring you Faster and Better products, so you can Build Smarter and Do More.