Innovation saves cornice installation time

Innovation saves cornice installation time

Innovation saves cornice installation time

USG Boral’s Category Manager for Jointing Compounds, Tim Harrington, explains the benefits for plasterers using our newly improved Cornice Adhesive.

Innovation is an important driver for USG Boral – so we’re continuously looking to improve our product range. We’ve just released our Cornice Adhesive in a new version which plasterers testing it on the job said it’s easier to use and performs better than the old. Plus, it’s now available in a 90-minute setting time, which can also help save time on larger jobs.


When you’re affixing cornices it’s important to get an even, consistent spread along both edges of the board. If the adhesive is uneven, you end up with oozing adhesive or, worse, air pockets that create gaps along the wall or ceiling.

We’ve made our new Cornice Adhesive noticeably smoother and creamier. That reduces lumps and bumps, so it smooths out well as it’s applied. Now you can zap quickly and evenly down the edges of each cornice board in less time. Plus you’re less likely to get gaps that need filling later – which saves effort on the job.


Another benefit with the new version is its greater strength. When the cornice is applied to the wall and ceiling junction, it has a greatly improved degree of tack.

This continuous improvement is just one of the ways we’re always working to make it easier for our customers to get a quality job done in less time.


USG Boral Cornice Adhesive is also now available in a 90-minute setting version – in addition to 45 and 60 minutes. The longer setter time is ideal for larger jobs, as it means that you don’t need to stop and mix new adhesive as often. On major projects, this can significantly increase the productivity of your team.


Now you can choose from three different setting times – 45, 60 or 90 minutes – to best suit your job and climatic conditions. It’s still in the distinctive blue and white 20kg bag – plus the 45- and 60-minute setting times are also available in 10kgs bags for smaller jobs.

Stocks of the new version and setting time are available now – so visit your local supplier or USG Boral Trade Store to take advantage of our new smoother, creamier, stronger Cornice Adhesive.

For more product information, or to download our compounds catalogue and selector chart, visit our Cornice Adhesive page here.

Tim Harrington is USG Boral’s Category Manager for Jointing Compounds. An industrial chemist, he has over two decades experience in the manufacturing and supply chain industries.