USG Boral Partiwall® the acoustically sound and flexible partition wall system

USG Boral Partiwall® the acoustically sound and flexible partition wall system

USG Boral Partiwall® the acoustically sound and flexible partition wall system

When you need a fire-rated, acoustically sound and flexible partition wall system, USG Boral Category Manager of Systems, Victor Avrutis, explains why Partiwall® is the preferred option.

Having just released our latest Partiwall® brochure covering its features and benefits, installation details and history, I wanted to touch on why Partiwall® is one of the most widely used separating wall systems in attached villa units and townhouse construction in Australia.

USG Boral was the first to introduce the Partiwall® type of construction in the Australian market nearly 18 years ago. Since then, we have built an unparalleled expertise in this area with a focus on solutions, ease of construction and innovation for both builders and contractors. We can provide on-site installation advice on projects with non-standard Partiwall® configurations, and have designed Partiwall® with flexibility and ease in mind.

The system is fire-rated, acoustically rated and practical, making it much easier to design and construct, as well as a compliant option for separating walls between side-by-side duplexes.


Essentially a twin stud wall system, Partiwall® is the preferred fire-rated separating wall system because of the USG Boral 25mm SHAFTLINER plasterboard fire barrier that runs in the wall cavity. SHAFTLINER is held in place with H-studs attached to the frames on both sides with aluminium clips. Aluminium clips play an important role in the construction of Partiwall® as they keep SHAFTLINER fire barrier in place in the event of a fire.

In conventional fire-rated wall systems, the outer linings provide protection to the wall substrate during a fire. However, our design of Partiwall® has the fire barrier within the wall cavity to protect the structure on the other side. Thanks to the aluminium clips, which will melt in high heat, the frame on the fire side can fall away while the SHAFTLINER stops the fire from spreading and keeping those living in the opposite side safe.

Partiwall® is designed to make construction easier for the contractor. It doesn’t require wet trades, and allows easy inclusion of switches, power points, pipes and light fittings within the wall. Once complete, the interior linings can be installed during the plasterboard stage of construction using the regular methods we outline in the USG Boral Plasterboard Installation Manual.

As well as being fire resistant, Partiwall® offers privacy for homeowners. It has undergone extensive testing at the CSIRO Acoustic Laboratory in Victoria and satisfies NCC acoustic requirements for Class 1a building.

If you would like to learn more about USG Boral Partiwall®, check out our latest Partiwall® brochure for installation and product details.


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With over 25 years experience in the Plasterboard industry, Victor Avrutis brings a wealth of knowledge to the USG Boral team. He is passionate about finding the best plasterboard system solutions for the Australian market through innovation and continuous improvement.