EchoBloc Tile

EchoBloc ceiling tiles are gypsum ceiling tiles designed to be installed with T-bar studs. Comes with a pre-painted white coating and geometric perforated design with GlassMat at its back. Provides a modern and attractive look.

Reduces sound reflection in the room with an NRC of between 0.40-0.75 decibels*

Designed to be installed with USG DX ll 38 mm T-bar studs to gives you a smooth, seamless and high quality appearance.

Special Features

  • Reduce sound reflection in the room with an NRC of between 0.40-0.75 decibels*
  • Comes with a pre-painted white coating from the factory. Seamless and ready to be installed.
  • Provides a modern look with 3 available geometric patterns.
  • Corner lap siding makes it easy to install, relocate, maintain and use.
  • Incombustible; with its attached fire-proof gypsum paper.
  • Easy to install and cut for corner or downlight installation without the need of any special cutting tools.
Physical Properties
  • Board Type: Standard
  • Edge style: Tapered edge
  • Pattern: Micro Punch (small square hole , size of hole 3x3 mm.),
                      Square 12 (large square hole ,size of hole 12x12 mm.),
                                     Circle 6 (hole circle ,size of hole diameter 6 mm.)
  • Weight: 10.7 kg./Sq.m.
  • Fire Prevention: Incombustible
  • Sound Absorption: NRC 0.40-0.75 decibels*: ASTM C423
    * Install with 2"48K Glasswool to get the NRC 0.75.
  • Contains: 4 boards/box
  • Installation: Metric System Installation: Install in the middle of each T-bar stud. 600 x 600 mm. Install with the USG T-bar model DX II Ridge 38 mm.
  • Ceilings within the home, home theaters, Music studios and theaters.
  • Ceilings within school classrooms, libraries and restaurants.
  • Ceilings within the office, meeting rooms and executive lounges.
  • 585 x 585 x 12.5 mm.