PaperTouch ceiling tiles are gypsum ceiling tiles designed to be installed with a T-bar grid, laminated with special printed-paper, which is easy to clean and provides a stylish design.

It is durable, lightweight, sag resistant, and easy to cut for corner installation or for downlight installation without the need of any special cutting tools.

Installation with Ezy T-Bar G for smooth and seamless white ceiling tiles is recommended.

Special Features

  • New! With technology from Sheetrock Brand.
    •   Durable; reduced cracks around the edges.
    •   Sag resistant; reduced need for re-modification in the future
    •   Lightweight; easy to install and handle·       
  • Specially covered surface; easy to clean, no more stains.
  • Fiber dust free; non-toxic to health and environmentally friendly.
  • Heat resistant; products are made from high quality gypsum.
  • Non-combustible; with its attached fire-proof gypsum paper.
  • Stylish design; available in various styles, instant application without painting, allows for a large variety of designs to be mixed & matched.
  • Easy to cut for corner or downlight installation without the need of any special cutting tools.
Physical Properties
  • Board type:  Standard,
                           Heat resistance (HeatBloc)
  • Edge profile: Square
  • Colors: Diamond White (White),
      Pink Parfet (Pink),
      Nuanjan (Beige)
  • Patterns: Phakamas,
      Baby Blossom,
      Shade Tree,
      Bright Sky 2
  • Weight: 4.9 kg/mm2 (Standard),
                5.0 kg/mm2 (HeatBloc)
  • Fire Prevention: Non-combustible
  • Light Reflectance: Max 80%
  • Quantity: 10 pcs/pack*
     (Note: ‘Bright Sky 2’ pattern contains 8 pcs/pack)
  • Installation: Install with T-bar grid spacing 605 x 605 mm.
  • Bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Restaurants, dormitories and offices.
  • Under roof ceilings.
  • Install HeatBloc ceiling panels with thermal insulation for keeping rooms cooler.
  • 600 x 600 x 8 mm.