VinylTouch ceiling tiles are gypsum ceiling tiles designed to be installed with T-bar studs. Covered with white vinyl and anti-humidity properties, easy to clean and no-toxic.

It is durable, lightweight, sag resistant, and easy to cut for corner or downlight installation without the need of any special cutting or drilling tools.

Installing with Elephant T-bar grid for smooth and seamless white ceiling tiles is recommended.

Special Features

  • New! With technology from Sheetrock Brand.
    • Strong and durable; reduced cracks around the edges
    • Sag resistant; reduced need for re-modification in the future.
    • Lightweight; easy to install and handle.
  • Covered with white vinyl, easy to clean and non-toxic.
  • Dust Free.
    • Humidity resistant and heat reflective using aluminum foil at its back.
    • Coated along the edges to prevent gypsum dust caused by cracks.
  • Incombustible; with its attached fire-proof gypsum paper.
  • Up to 89% light reflectance; delivers energy cost savings.
  • Easy to install and cut for corner or downlight installation without the need of any special cutting tools.


Physical Properties
  • Board Type: Standard,
                        Moist resistance (MoistBloc)
  • Dust free with Heatproof
  • Edge style: Square
  • Colors: Snow, White Sand
  • Weight: 5.4 kg/m2 (Standard with 9 mm. thickness),
     7.2 kg/m2 (Standard with 12 mm. thickness)
  • Fire Prevention: Incombustible Class 0: BS 476 Part 6&7.
  • Reflection: 91% : SS5 Part G3.
  • Sound Absorption: NRC 0.1: ASTM C423.
  • Sound Isolation: CAC 37-43 dB: EN ISO 140-9, EN 717-1.
  • Air Cleanliness: Only dust-free : Class 3 : ISO14644-1, Class 1 : US209E.
  • Kitchens, restaurant ceilings.
  • Interior ceilings for all types of factories and warehouses.
  • Ceilings for hospital clean rooms, laboratories and operating rooms.
  • Recommended for dust-free clean rooms.
  • For humid rooms it is recommended to install MoistBloc.
  • 600 x 600 x 9 mm.
  • 600 x 1200 x 12 mm.
    * Board size other than specified could be made to order.