Elephant T-bar (G)

Elephant T-bar (G)

The Elephant T-bar grid system has been developed to the next level using innovation inspired by you and cooperation from the first gypsum manufacturer and creator in the USA.

USG Elephant T-bar (G) and USG T-bar (M) are quality metal grid systems made from zinc-coated metal and high quality manufacturing. These grid systems are suitable to install with Elephant T-Bar ceiling tiles or USG acoustic ceiling tiles.

Elephant T-bar ceiling grid system is gypsum (G) grid system that suits to install with Elephant T-bar ceiling tiles and USG Galaxy Acoustic ceiling tiles.

Special Features

  • Using modern technology and machine manufacturing for best quality.
  • Comes with a flat-white coat at the grid’s front to reduce light reflection and provides a seamless beauty to the ceiling board.
  • The grid system is made from standard quality zinc-coated metal and includes an anti-rust feature.
  • Minor grid comes with special registered patent clips providing convenience in detaching it from the main grid without needing any tools.
Technical Information
  • Made from zinc-coated metal (Hot-dip Galvanized Steel) standard quality JIS G3302.
  • Double layer 3.5 mm. thick T-shaped metal.
  • 24 mm. width with white Epoxy coating.
  • Available in 32 mm. and 38 mm. height.
  • Main grid system available in 38 x 24 x 3630 mm. and 32 x 24 x 3630 mm. size.
  • Minor grid system available in 25 x 24 x 1210 mm. and 25 x 24 x 605 mm. with Quick-release clip.
  • Elephant/ USG edge grid system available in 22 x 22 x 3000 mm. size
  • Ability to support weight, test certified according to ASTM C635 Standard.
Ceiling tiles that are compatible with Elephant T-bar gypsum systems
  • Elephant VinylTouch ceiling tile.
  • Elephant ColorTouch ceiling tile.
  • Elephant TexturTouch ceiling tile.
  • Elephant PaperTouch ceiling tile.
  • Galaxy patterned USG acoustic ceiling tiles.