HiWall - an extra gypsum wall system designed for installation in high areas such as convention halls, theatres and factories.                               

Extra Height gypsum walls are a light gypsum board available in 4 meters and higher, which are composed of an Elephant Xtrawall zinc-coated metal grid system and Elephant gypsum boards such as Elephant FireBloc gypsum boards.                

Moreover, the boards can be installed with a V-Brack for the grid wall system to reinforce its ability in sound insulation and strength.

Extra Height gypsum walls are easy to install and do not require a steel system in installation. They are faster and easier to install and less expensive than general wall installation.

  • Costs less in construction.   
  • Create innovative idea to design new performance system.
  • Easy installation with 100% Gypsum.             
  • Strong and durable.
  • Sound absorbing.    
  • Refractory Fire-Rating as desired.