ZolidWall System


The ZolidWall System was designed to provide extra opacity, strength and hanging support. Certified with a maximum strength test, this system is easy to install and modify. It is suitable to install in any condominium or house that requires strength and privacy.

  • Provides lower temperatures in rooms.         
  • Increases your privacy area and reduces outdoor noise pollution by absorbing between 37-42db.
  • Able to provide heavy hanging.         
  • Provides a faster job and ownership delivery.             
  • Costs less in construction.    
  • Twice as fast and easy to install than general walls.  
  • Faster installation in areas involving water and electricity supplies.   
  • Provides a flat and seamless surface without coating.             
  • No cracks and easy to remove or relocate without any structural effects.       
  • Provides a clean installation area.