ALPHAboard: Instant split-level gypsum ceiling tiles.

ALPHAboard: Instant split-level gypsum ceiling tiles are designed to create a new dimension of décor ceiling tiles. They provide a beautiful split-level décor available in 1 layer as an L-section and square board or 2 layers as a W-section. The prefabricated system can be used for U-section wiring ducts and Z-section curtain.

ALPHAboard is designed and manufactured by a machine-folding technique to create an instant board. It provides a precise angle and strength with a seamless paper touch. Moreover, the technician can install immediately and efficiently without any further modification. It creates attractive and seamless split-level ceiling tiles, reduces the cost in fitting compared to traditional installations, and can be tailor made to your specific design requirements.

Square set ALPHAboard

Fulfill your needs with a variety of design uses. Square set instant split-level ceiling tiles for décor are designed for the split seam at the corner of split-level ceiling tiles. Reduce the problems in dislocation and un-standard curved areas. The board is specially designed for installation with the Standard ALPHAboard set. By applying together, you can create the most effective, smooth and seamless designs.

Installation areas

  • Single step or multiple step ceilings.
  • Step ceilings with hidden lights.
  • Step ceilings for curtain.

  • Reduced time and cost in installation, can be applied immediately at the installation area. Less grid system required in installation than traditional installation.
  • Provides split-level attractive look with strong and straight folding at the corner, no coating required at the corner due to the uniformed seamless gypsum board.
  • Instant folding board provides a seamless look. No cracks or screw marks after the installation.
  • Quality Standard Board, easy to install with best quality, reduce fitting problems.
  • Able to be tailor made for specific design projects.
  • Available in MoldBloc and FireBloc models depending on requirements and location of installation.
  • Thickness, size and angle can be customized as needed.
  • Designed for specific use regarding wiring duct forms.