Donn Grid is an Exposed Grid Ceiling frame that specially designed to be applied with acoustic panel.

Equipped with patented clip and Quick Release Clips (QRC) Fiture that has a lot of benefits in the process of installation and an aesthetic outcome.

Physical Properties:


  • 3000mm (Main Tee)
  • 1200mm (Cross Tee)
  • 600mm (Cross Tee)
  • 3000mm (Wall Angle)


  • 32mm (Main Tee)
  • 32mm (Cross Tee)


  • 14mm (Main Tee)
  • 14mm (Cross Tee)
  • 22mm x 14mm (Wall Angle)
Recommended Applications:
  • School 
  • Hospital 
  • Office
Features & Benefits:
  • Easy and Fast Installation 
  • Consistent Quality 
  • Strong & Precise Connector 
  • Easy to install and uninstall without tools 
  • Anti-Seismic System