Donn™ DXT™ Narrow Face

Donn Grid is an Exposed Grid Ceiling frame that specially designed to be applied with acoustic panel.

Equipped with patented clip and Quick Release Clips (QRC) Fiture that has a lot of benefits in the process of installation and an aesthetic outcome.

Physical Properties:


  • 3000mm (Main Tee)
  • 1200mm (Cross Tee)
  • 600mm (Cross Tee)
  • 3000mm (Wall Angle)


  • 32mm (Main Tee)
  • 25mm (Cross Tee)


  • 14mm (Main Tee)
  • 14mm (Cross Tee)
  • 22mm x 14mm (Wall Angle)
Recommended Applications:
  • School 
  • Hospital 
  • Office
Features & Benefits:
  • Easy and Fast Installation 
  • Consistent Quality 
  • Strong & Precise Connector 
  • Easy to install and uninstall without tools 
  • Anti-Seismic System