Heatstop plasterboard specially designed with metalized film on the back side to have up to 90% of solar reflectance performance (JIS R3106)  which will helps maintaining the room temperature and keeping it cool, offers you a more comfortable room. It also provides vapor barrier within your partition.

Physical Properties:
  • Weight: 5,1 Kg/m2 (thickness 9mm) & 7,1 Kg/m2 (thickness 12mm)
  • Thickness: 9 & 12mm
  • Length 2400mm
  • Width: 1200mm
  • Certified by Green Listing
  • Non asbestos
  • Low TVOC
  • Non radioactive material
  • Recyclable material
Recommended Applications:
  • Partition and ceiling
  • Drywall masonry supported by metal frame
Features & Benefits:
  • Energy efficiency (maintaining the room temperature and keeping it cool)
  • Tested and certified with International standard
  • Fast installation
  • Neat and practical design
  • Can be applied to wood construction and metal frame (Furring Channel or Metal Stud)
  • Eco-friendly
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