Wet-Area Firestop® is a moisture resistant plasterboard which could be applied in a room with moisture level up to RH 95%, plus the addition of being fire resistance.

This  makes  Wet-area Firestop® an ideal choice as a moisture  and fire resistant substrate for use in moisture areas and also requires fire rating performance.

Physical Properties:
  • Weight: 10,4 Kg/m2 (thickness 13mm) & 13 Kg/m2 (thickness 16mm)
  • Thickness: 13 & 16 mm
  • Length 2400 mm
  • Width: 1200 mm
  • Non asbestos
  • Low TVOC
  • Non radioactive material
  • Recyclable material
Recommended Application:
  • Hospital
  • Hotel
  • Apartment
  • Server room
  • Factory
  • Library
Features & Benefits:
  • Ideal for partition, ceiling, pillar, either for residential or commercial building projects that requires a good fire resistant performance.
  • Available Fire resistance up to 3 hour
  • Tested and certified with International standard
  • Suitable for soundproof partition system and anti-seismic systems.
  • The only screw line innovation in Indonesia.
  • Optimum Moisture Resistance (RH 95%)