Wet-Area Optimum™ plasterboard has all the qualities of Jayaboard Standard plasterboard plus the addition of being sag resistance & mold resistance.

Mold Resistant Perfomance :
- Grade 0 in ASTM G-21
- Score 9 in ASTM D3273

This  makes Wet-area Optimum™ an ideal choice as a moisture resistant substrate for use in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, behind sinks and basins and in shower cubicles. Also designed as a substrate for ceramic tiles.

Physical Properties:
  • Weight: 5,5 Kg/m2 (thickness 9mm) & 7,9 Kg/m2 (thickness 13mm)
  • Thickness: 9 & 13 mm
  • Length 2400 mm
  • Width: 1200 mm
  • Non asbestos
  • Low TVOC
  • Non radioactive material
  • Recyclable material
Recommended Application:
  • For partition or ceiling of a room that has a moisture level up tp RH 95% for example bathroom, kitchen, etc.
Features & Benefits:
  • Less water absorption
  • Optimum Sag Resistance (RH 95%)
  • Tested and certified with International standard
  • Mold resistance, ASTM G-21 (Grade 0)
  • Designed as a substrate for ceramic tiles.
  • The only screw line innovation in Indonesia.
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