CWS-4SS Acoustic Partition (Soundstop)


This partition system developed to meet the requirements of Soundproof and Sound Absorption.

Suitable to applied at:

  • Meeting Room
  • Music Studio
  • Library
  • Any other area that require soundproof

Supporting Material:

  • Frame: JayaBMS Wall Track, JayaBMS C Stud (Thickness min. 0,4mm BMT)
  • Lining: 1 layer  of Soundstop 12mm (2 sides) + 1 layer of Jayabell 12mm (1 side)
  • Jointing: JayaCompound as Jayaboard recommendation.

Use Hitung Material fiture to help you figure total materials needed.


  • Fire Rating: (FRL -/30/30).
  • Acoustic Rating: STC 45 (no insulation), STC 58 (insulation 60kg/m3)
  • Weight: 28.5 Kg/m2
  • Grade (BS 5234): Heavy Duty


  • All the materials above calculated based on a room with a size of (3 x 33.33m).  Another room sizes should be considered further.
  • Stud frame gap max. of 600mm.
  • All the materials above needs to be reconfirmed by the Contractor / Applicators regarding bookings material inquiry order.
  • Exclude waste material.