CS24 Mold Resistance Ceiling (Easy Frame)


This ceiling system developed for a room that requires Mold Resistance performance. Based on International Standard ASTM G-21 (Grade 0).

Suitable to be applied at:

  • Laboratory
  • Hospital
  • Bathroom
  • Any other area that requires Mold Resistance performance. 

Supporting Material:

  • Frame: JayaBMS Hanger System (Bracket PN 220/221, Clip Adjuster PN 222, Rod PN 227 M4), JayaBMS Top Cross Rail PN 250, JayaBMS Batten PN-251, Wall Angle PN-252.
  • Board: 1 Layer of Jayaboard Moldstop 9mm
  • Jointing: JayaCompound as Jayaboard Recommendation.

Use Hitung Material fiture to help you figure total materials needed.


  • Weight: 6.5 Kg/m2


  • All the materials above calculated based on a room with a size of (10x10m). Another room sizes should be considered further.
  • Suspension gap max. of 1000mm
  • Primary frames gap max. of 1000mm
  • Secondary frames gap max. of 600mm
  • All the materials above needs to be reconfirmed by the Contractor / Applicators regarding bookings material inquiry order.
  • Exclude waste material.