Adhi Persada Group, “EasyFinish™, It’s Easy!”

Indonesia, 28th June 2018

On June 28th, Indonesia BU was back in action with the second EasyFinish™ System Seminar! Still targeting on top 10 main contractors in Indonesia, this time, Adhi Persada Group was invited to the interactive seminar at Santika Hotel, Taman Mini.

Photo: Venue inside EasyFinish™ System Seminar.

Photo: Attendees registration.

In total 57 attendances that is mostly supervisors and engineer team filled up the venue one by one starting from 10.30am. Indonesia EasyFinish™ Champions were ready to welcome them with EasyFinish™ flipchart on their hand whilst invite them to enjoy the coffee break.

In the foyer area near where the coffee break was served, all the EasyFinish™ tools were displayed as a teaser of what is going to be presented on the seminar, near EasyFinish™ display table, the attendees could also see the various range of USG Boral Indonesia product that is well displayed to show them that USG Boral is a full system provider that can help any of their project needs and requirements.

Photo: EasyFinish™ Champions mingling with attendees.

Photo: EasyFinish™ Tools Display Table

Starting with safety briefing video from hotel management and opening speech by Gigih Perkasa (Sales Director USG Boral Indonesia), the event continued with Wall Evolution Presentation by Indra (Technical & Quality Manager USG Boral Indonesia), in this presentation, Indonesia BU was aiming to change the mind set and the way Adhi Persada Group was used to build and also as a bridging for the next presentation highlight, EasyFinish™ System presentation that was presented by Rudy Setiadi (National Sales Manager USG Boral Indonesia).

Photo: Attendees listening to the presentations.

The enthusiasm of the attendees was shown by many questions asked towards the speaker on how the system would help their current projects that is mostly apartment and mall. All 3 types of EasyFinish™ system was introduced to the attendees and explained in detail so they could select the most suitable system to meet their project requirements.

Photo: Q&A Sessions.

The next session of the seminar was the EasyFinish™ installation demo by Indonesia Field Trainer team, EasyFinish™ EasyBond™ step by step installation was shown in front of the attendees who was showing interest by recording the demo on their cell phone. One of the attendees had a chance to experience by himself how easy and quick to install the EasyFinish™ EasyBond™ system. The last session of the day was lucky draw session and wrapped up with photo session where everyone agree on one thing and said it to the camera, “EasyFinish™, it’s easy!”.

Photo: Field Trainer team EasyFinish™ Demo Session.

Photo: Attendees along with USG Boral Indonesia.

USG Boral Indonesia committed to continuously develop innovative solutions for walls and ceilings with the latest technology that will answers all the needs of people in Indonesia with premium quality products. For more information, visit our website at

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