EasyFinish™ Seminar with PT. PP

Indonesia, 18th May 2018

As one of the program to boost EasyFinish™ System among Indonesia market. Indonesia BU will held EasyFinish™ System Seminar targeting TOP 10 Main Contractor in Indonesia. On May 18th, the first EasyFinish™ System Seminar was held at Aston Hotel Jakarta inviting PT. PP as one of the biggest contractor company in Indonesia with 40 attendees that is majorly a project manager who’s currently working on apartment project.

Photo: The crowd during the Easy Finish Seminar Event.

Starting with the USG Boral product & system refreshment presentation by Indra Wibowo (Technical & Quality Manager USG Boral Indonesia) where he explained more about who is USG Boral and how can USG Boral help them to build in efficiency and high quality. The presentation ended with the question and answer session.

Photo: USG Boral product & system refreshment presentation by Indra Wibowo (Technical & Quality Manager USG Boral Indonesia).

Photo: Interaction with one of the attendees who asked about the problem he’s facing at his workplace.

Following the first session, the next presentation is presented by Luhur (Project Sales Manager EasyFinish USG BORAL Indonesia) introducing the innovative cement render replacement system, USG Boral EasyFinish™ System. During his session, the testimonial video from the recent BRANZ Apartment that is using USG Boral EasyFinish™ System were presented to the attendees, on the video, the project manager of BRANZ Apartment from PT. NRC Contractor and Business Development Manager from PT. Tokyu Land Indonesia developer giving their satisfying testimonial regarding the system and how the system is beneficial for the project.

Photo: EasyFinish™ System presentation by Luhur (Project Sales Manager EasyFinish USG BORAL Indonesia).

After having a delightful lunch break, the seminar continued with EasyFinish™ System Demo Application session. The Indonesia Field trainer team demonstrate how easy the system applied on a triangle mock up panel with the size of 120 x 80cm made with a real AAC Brickwall representing a brickwall and how EasyFinish™ Bond applied on it, step by step. During the session, one of the attendees had a chance to try by himself how easy to apply the system. Many of the attendees were amazed how fast and easy the system to be installed, especially with a perfect-smooth result. 

Photo: Trial by Mr. Dwi Hadiyanto (Unit Planner PT. PP Property).

The seminar was happily ended with a lucky draw session and more leads to be followed up by Indonesia team.

Photo: Portable Espresso Machine for Lucky Draw Winners in EasyFinish Seminar.

Photo: Final Photo with the participants.

USG Boral Indonesia committed to continuously develop innovative solutions for walls and ceilings with the latest technology that will answers all the needs of people in Indonesia with premium quality products. For more information, visit our website at www.usgboral.com/in_id/

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