Jayaboard Goes to Campus Petra Christian University

Indonesia, 21 November 2018

Since early 2018, Jayaboard has routine activity to share knowledge and updates in the construction field to students through Jayaboard Goes to Campus event. Previously, Jayaboard would visit campuses in different cities. But this time, architectural students of Petra Christian University had the opportunity to visit one of Jayaboard’s plants which is located in Gresik, East Java.

Photo: Students of Petra Christian University wear safety equipment.

Before the event started, Andi and Rachmad as Gresik Staff briefed the students with safety introduction. For Jayaboard, safety introduction is very essential to keep all participant safe during the event. The event continued with product presentation by Rochmad Subroto. This time, Rochmad introduced Jayaboard’s product and system to the students.

After the presentation session was done, the students were invited to participate in Gresik plant tour. In this tour, they could see the process of making Jayaboard’s products and other activities in the plant. They were divided into small groups to keep the plant tour effective and safe. Students who were still waiting for their turn, use their time with question and answer session about Jayaboard’s product. They were very active and enthusiastic. The event closed by souvenir handover session that was done by Jayaboard and Petra Christian University, followed by a group photo with all participant.

Photo: Handover souvenir session with Jayaboard and Petra Christian University.

Photo: Group photo session closed Jayaboard Goes to Campus event with Petra Christian University.

Register your campus to join Jayaboard Goes to Campus program by email klik.jayaboard@usgboral.com / martha.putri@usgboral.com  or call Jayaboard Hotline 021 797 7777.