Jayaboard Goes to School SMKN 5 Bandung

Indonesia, 6 November 2018

Not only to professionals, Jayaboard also shares knowledge and innovations to students about the new trend and innovations in the world of construction. This time, Jayaboard had a chance to held Jayaboard Goes to School event to SMKN 5 Bandung. The event was attended by students and teachers from TKBB and TGB major.

That morning, Adnan Nanang (Jayaboard Technical Team) conducted a product presentation about EasyFinish™ system and product. Besides presenting the variety of EasyFinish™ products, Adnan also showed USG Boral product sample mock-up. Some students also got the opportunity to apply EasyFinish™ system themselves.

The event continued with question and answer session. The attendants seemed very enthusiastic when asking and answering the questions about EasyFinish system. The QnA session went interactive and merry because Jayaboard team already prepared and gave souvenirs for the students who asked or successfully answered the questions.

Jayaboard Goes to School event was ended by plaque handover session that was done by Jayaboard and SMKN 5 Bandung, followed by photo session with all attendants.

Photo: Student is trying to apply EasyFinish™ system

Photo: Jayaboard team gave souvenirs to students

Photo: Jayaboard team gave plaque to the school

Photo: Photo session with students and teachers of SMKN 5 Bandung

Register your school to join Jayaboard Goes to School program by email klik.jayaboard@usgboral.com / martha.putri@usgboral.com  or call Jayaboard Hotline at 021 797 7777.