Jayaboard Innovative Sharing with PT. Anggara Architeam

Indonesia, 13 Februari 2019

Presentation Material : 

Fire-rated and Soundstop Partition: Specifically made to support fire systems for partitions and ceilings, Firestop gypsum board contains vermiculite and fiberglass in the layers, making this board stronger and more resistant to fire. The Soundstop gypsum board has an excellent ability to withstand noise from the other rooms and has a higher density than ordinary gypsum boards. | Delivered by: Triyani Indrahapsari (Technical Representatives Supervisor USG Boral Indonesia).

Photo: fire rated, Jayaboard Product & System Introduction by Triyani Indrahapsari (Technical Representative Supervisor USG Boral Indonesia)

DUROCK® Exterior Drywall : has been developed by USG Boral to solve the exterior nonstructural elements such as facades, decorative areas, arcades, ceilings, and any other exterior areas. DUROCK® Exterior Drywall has many advantages compared to any other competitors, for example, high performance flexibility, so it can be combined with several types of final finishing, this cement board can even be curved up to 2.44 radius meters, which makes it special that any other regular cement board can’t do and this is showed by the “Dancing DUROCK®” display that is beautifully curved on the stage. DUROCK® Exterior Drywall can also be a resilient exterior building solution against extreme weather conditions, such as heat, strong winds, and high humidity conditions, and its durability has been tested and certified. If it is compared with any other conventional cement board, the installation process of DUROCK® Exterior Drywall is 6x faster, its weight is 10x lighter, and more energy saving. This makes the installation cost of DUROCK® Exterior Drywall to be more efficient than any other cement board. | Delivered by: Teresa Elika (Technical Representatives Supervisor USG Boral Indonesia).

Photo: drywall, New Product: Durock Introduction by Teresa Elika (Substrate System Specialist USG Boral Indonesia).

Easy Finish™ System & Zolid Wall : The latest system that is being intensively used by various projects is Easy Finish system, which is gypsum board system instead of plaster aci to simplify and accelerate construction work. | Delivered by Christianto Tanuwidjaja (Project Representatives USG Boral Indonesia). Easy Finish™ System & Zolid Wall is suitable to be applied in hospital wall area and other area on dry interior wall.

Photo: Easy Finish™ System & Zolid Wall Presentation by Christianto Tanuwidjaja (Project Representative USG Boral Indonesia).

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