Jayaboard Innovative Sharing with PT. Indomegah Cipta Bangun Citra

Indonesia, 27 September 2018

Presentation Material:

Jayaboard product & system introduction: Not only gypsum board, Jayaboard also produces various supporting products such as JayaBMS metal frame for partition and ceiling, Jayacompound series for compound product either for jointing or finishing needs. | Delivered by: Indrahapsari (Technical Representative USG Boral Indonesia).

Fire-Rated dan Soundstop Partition: Specifically made to support fire systems for partitions and ceilings, Firestop gypsum board contains vermiculite and fiberglass in the layers, making this board stronger and more resistant to fire. The Soundstop gypsum board has an excellent ability to withstand noise from the other rooms and has a higher density than ordinary gypsum boards. | Delivered by: Christianto (Architectural Service Representative USG Boral Indonesia).

New Product: Durock: With a combination of ultra-lightweight cellular concrete technology, including special repellent air perlite filler and unique combination of the best raw materials, Durock has a lighter weight with improved performance and better productivity characteristics, including; ease of cutting and installation process as well as better connectivity. | Delivered by: Firman (Substrate System Specialist USG Boral Indonesia).

MFCT dan Metal Ceiling: Acoustic panel specially designed to create the best acoustic and aesthetic ceiling systems with the new metal ceilings range offers unique design elements and flexibility. | Delivered by: Teresa (System Specification Representative USG Boral Indonesia).

Photo: Jayaboard Product & System Introduction by Indrahapsari (Technical Representative USG Boral Indonesia)

Photo: Fire Rated and Soundstop Partition Presentation by Christianto (Architectural Service Representative USG Boral Indonesia).

Photo: New Product: Durock Introduction by Firman (Substrate System Specialist USG Boral Indonesia).

Photo: MFCT & Metal Ceiling Presentation by Teresa (System Specification Representative USG Boral Indonesia).

Jayaboard has regular activites to share knowledge and innovation around the latest product and system trends in the world of construction to architects and professionals throughout Indonesia. If you want your office / community to be visited by Team Jayaboard can directly register by email to klik.jayaboard@usgboral.com / martha.putri@usgboral.com or call Jayaboard hotline at 021 797 7777.

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