USG Boral - Jayaboard Mengikuti Pameran INDOBUILDTECH EXPO 2018

Indonesia, 6 May 2018

Indonesia Building and Technology EXPO is one of the biggest construction exhibition in Indonesia also known as INDOBUILDTECH. This year, from May 2nd till May 6th, with Art Space concept, USG Boral Indonesia has successfully attracting more than 2.000 visitors to the booth, majorly a professional architect and contractor. This number has been increased from last year with more than 1.000 visitors and contributing in sales volume for 43,000 m2 plasterboard, 63,000 lm metal frame and 1,000 bags of compound products brings total revenue of USD 100,000. This event had brought us 464 leads of potential customer to be followed up by Indonesia team.


Photo: USG Boral Indonesia booth.

Photo: USG Boral Indonesia booth.

Photo: A1. Plasterboard Product Range Display B1. USG Boral Milestone Wall. Divided by 9 flipchart board, each flipchart representing years and all the big events or achievements USG Boral – Jayaboard had in that years

Photo: Visitor interaction with USG Boral milestone flipchart board.

Photo: The crowd at the Selling Corner.

Aside of showing Jayaboard as the best drywall and ceiling system solution provider in Indonesia for 25 years, the objective of this exhibition is also to re-introduce the EasyFinish™ System as the system highlight at the booth. The system was displayed with 3 types of application, EasyFinish™ Bond, EasyFinish™ Frame and EasyFinish™ Solid.

Photo: EasyFinish™ System Display.

Photo: Crowd at USG Boral Booth

DUROCK® that recently launched were displayed beautifully as façade that showing its ability to be curved. USG Boral Indonesia also sponsoring ARCHINESIA booth which is one of the most popular architecture magazine in Indonesia, owned by Imelda Akmal (a famous architecture writer in Indonesia) using DUROCK® as booth’s partition. Many visitors from ARCHINESIA booth which mostly comes from the architecture industry were interested with DUROCK® that could give a unique concrete look that has been a trending in architecture world these past few years.

Photo: Durock Facade


Adopting the art museum concept, the milestone of Jayaboard and all the achievements received for the past 25 years were displayed as an interactive flip chart along the milestone tunnel wall at the booth. We could also find the unechoed box in the tunnel to show the performance of Jayabell® board and how it can improve the quality of sound compared to conventional wall. The speaker is installed inside the box, the box has 2 ends, 1 with the Jayabell® application and the other end to represent conventional wall, visitor could compare the sound quality by hearing from both end, Jayabell® produce a better sound quality as the sound that came out from the other end was more echoing.

Photo: Unechoed Box using Jayabell®

There was digital corner promoting mobile applications initiated by Jayaboard such as Jayaboard Mobile Application, Jayatic loyalty program and Beli Material as digital marketplace for building material where Jayaboard is included as one of the registered supplier. At the digital corner, visitors were attracted by Who Wants to Be a Winner, an interactive game where visitors could play trivia quiz about general knowledge and also about USG Boral product and system. The visitors have to follow one of Jayaboard social media account before playing the trivia quiz to stand a chance to win a smartphone.

Photo: Digital Corner

Aside the digital corner, there were also Painting on Casting corner where visitor and their kids could paint an ornament made by USG Boral casting.

Photo: Painting on Casting corner

Following the successful event of Jayaboard Design Competition 2017, this year the Hotel & Resort theme was chosen to support tourism in Indonesia, as this is one of Indonesia government program in 2019. Jayaboard Design Competition 2018 had successfully attracting more than 200 registered participants to submit their designs competing to win the 1st prize winner, 25 million rupiah plus travelling accommodation to Bali for 3 days and 2 nights.

Photo: One of the finalist represented their design on 5th May at Jayaboard booth.

Photo: Top 5 Winners with the judges

USG Boral Indonesia committed to continuously develop innovative solutions for walls and ceilings with the latest technology that will answers all the needs of people in Indonesia with premium quality products. For more information, visit our website at

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