Jayaboard Ngopi in Tj. Batu

Indonesia, 29 February 2019

On February 22, 2019, Jayaboard held Ngopjay (Ngobrol Pintar Bareng Jayaboard – Smart Talk with Jayaboard) in Tj.Batu-Kundur, Kepulauan Riau. The event was held at Restaurant Gembira Tj Batu, by inviting a number of Tj.Batu applicators. The Event had various interactive activities. Jayaboard hopes that the Ngopjay event can be a place to exchange knowledge as well as to strengthen cooperation with applicators.

The event began with a product presentation session which discussed further about the advantages of Indoboard products and Jayaboard compounds.

Not only that, the participants were also invited to immediately try to apply the Jayaboard compound product to the gypsum board in the Blind Test session. In this session the participants can feel firsthand the superiority of the Jayaboard compound.



Other than product presentation sessions and blind test sessions, Jayaboard had "On the Spot Promo" which was only available during the event. Not to forget, the Jayaboard team has also prepared attractive merchandise for lucky participants.

The program was ended with a warm dinner and a photo session together.

Jayaboard has regular activites to share knowledge and innovation around the latest product and system trends in the world of construction to architects and professionals throughout Indonesia. If you want your office / community to be visited by Team Jayaboard can directly register by email klik.jayaboard@usgboral.com / martha.putri@usgboral.com  or call Jayaboard Hotline at 021 797 7777.