Jayaboard Visited Lampung and Jambi

Indonesia, 7 Desember 2018

Just a while ago, Jayaboard visited Lampung and Jambi to hold Jayaboard Customer Gathering event. Not only as a form of appreciation, this event also aimed to build and tighten the harmonious cooperation with the customers in various area. On November 27th, 2018, Pringsewu, Lampung became Jayaboard’s first destination, followed by the second destination which was Muara Bungo, Jambi on December 4th, 2018.

Both gathering events consisted of product presentation that was delivered by Jayaboard’s team. This time, Jayaboard’s team introduced some of Jayaboard’s best products such as Indoboard and Compound. Through this interactive presentation session, the customers could understand the function and the strengths of these products.

Photo: Product presentation by Jayaboard Team in Lampung

Photo: Product presentation by Jayaboard Team in Jambi

The event didn’t end there, it was even livened up by On Spot Promo and Doorpize give away for lucky customers. The event was closed with group photo session and nice dinner with all customers.

Photo: Lucky Lampung customers who won the doorprize.

Photo: Lucky Jambi customer who won the doorpize.

Photo: Group photo session with Lampung customers

Photo: Group photo session with Jambi customers

Jayaboard has regular activites to share knowledge and innovation around the latest product and system trends in the world of construction to architects and professionals throughout Indonesia. If you want your office / community to be visited by Team Jayaboard can directly register by email klik.jayaboard@usgboral.com / martha.putri@usgboral.com  or call Jayaboard Hotline at 021 797 7777.