The 3rd Rumah Jayaboard Open in Surabaya !

Indonesia, 12 November 2018

Photo: Rumah Jayaboard Showroom in Surabaya.

October 25th 2018, Jayaboard inaugurated the 3rd Rumah Jayaboard Showroom that is located in Surabaya Eastern of Indonesia. Previously, Jayaboard has opened two other showrooms in BSD City and Medan Western of Indonesia. With adding one in the Eastern of Indonesia it provides more opportunities and flexibility for our valued customers. With the concept “Touch, Feel & Experience” visitors are expected to experience by themselves the quality and performance of USG Boral products. Each room was built to demonstrate the advantages of USG Boral products specifically.

The opening event attended by USG Boral Board members, Frederic de Rougemont (Chief Executive Officer) and Tony Charnock (Senior Vice President Asia Pacific). The event was started with a speech, delivered by Andi Chandra as President Director of USG Boral Indonesia, followed by ribbon cutting ceremony and plasterboard signing ceremony. Along with USG Boral Board members, all the guest participated in signing ceremony where they wrote all the best wishes for Rumah Jayaboard.

Photo: Andi Chandra, Frederic de Rougemont, and Tony Charnock in ribbon cutting ceremony.

Photo: Frederic de Rougemont and Andi Chandra signing the plasterboard.

Photo: Tony Charnock is writing best wishes for Rumah Jayaboard.

After the opening session, the guests were invited to see the rooms and facilities in Rumah Jayaboard Surabaya where they can experience by themselves the performance of USG Boral product & system. Inside the showroom we can find the Thermal Performance display that performs Heatstop plasterboard in reducing the heat compared to competitors which showing a significant result. There is also a Training Room that using Papertouch – BrightSky applied beautifully on the ceiling.

Photo: Interactive Heatstop display where the guests could see the temperature difference between Heatstop with competitors.

Photo: Training Room with BrightSky ceiling.

Photo: Sagging Shelf Display showing SHEETROCK excellent anti-sag performance.

Photo: System Mock-up Display in Rumah Jayaboard.

Mock-up of a Hotel room plus bathroom, also built right beside The Theatre room to demonstrate the excellence performance of Soundstop products on soundproof system. The bathroom also showing the installation of WetArea system as bathroom wall.

Besides being functioned as a showroom, Rumah Jayaboard Surabaya also has workshop area which can be used for product and system training for applicators where they can do the hands-on training.

Photo: Hotel Room with Soundstop System, proofing the excellency of USG Boral soundproof plasterboard, the guests could barely hear the blast of the sound system in the Theatre room next door.

Photo: Exposed wall is showing the WetArea system for bathroom.

Photo: Theatre, showing how good the Jayabell plasterboard improving the acoustic quality inside the room and reducing echo.

Photo: The Unechoed Chamber inside the theatre room allow guests to compare the acoustic quality of Jayabell chamber and conventional wall chamber.

The event continued by Tumpeng ceremony that was done by Andi Chandra who handed the first slice to Eduardus Bramuda, Regional Sales Manager East Java. The day was ended by group photo session, followed by a light lunch with the guests.

Photo: Tumpeng ceremony by Andi Chandra and Eduardus Bramuda.

Photo: The event wrapped up with photo Group session at Rumah Jayaboard Surabaya.