Jayaboard Restoring 5 Pre-Prosperous Citizens

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USG Boral Indonesia continues to keep its commitment in improving the lives of the community with the restoration of 5 pre-prosperous houses located in Dusun Kidul, Kesambenkulon Village, Wringinanom District, Gresik, East Java. This location was chosen as the Kesambenkulon Village was identified as one of the poorest areas in Gresik with the densest population, according to the regional poverty data of the Regional Research and Development Agency.

In cooperation with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, the Indonesia team went to Gresik on 4 September to conduct a ground breaking procession. The procession was attended by Mr. Yan Xu as the representative and President Director of USG Boral Indonesia, Mr. Aspari as the Head of Kesambenkulon Village and Mr. Eddy Sianipar as the representative and Senior Manager of Strategic Project of Habitat for Humanity. Apart from the employees of Plant Gresik, the construction process of 5 pre-prosperous citizens' houses also involved the local residents. 

Holding closely to the Excellence value, USG Boral ensured that each house would be provided with the best product and system. One of the product applied was DUROCK®, to mitigate leaking issues especially during the rainy season. The strength of DUROCK® also mitigates concerns with building collapse during strong gales or storm. Considering the sweltering heat in Gresik, Heatstop was applied to each house to provide comfort even in the extreme weather. Due to the ease of application of these products, the project completed in less than 4 weeks and on 10 October, USG Boral Indonesia and Habitat for Humanity were ready to handover the restored houses to the owner.​

The handover procession of the 5 pre-prosperous citizens' houses received a very lively & warm welcome from the local residents. Upon arrival, Kesambenkulon Village Head, Mr. Aspari welcomed Jayaboard and Habitat for Humanity team by handing Kesambenkulon's traditional scarf and bouquet to Mrs. Suzana Budiman (Marketing Director of USG Boral Indonesia), Mr. Herbet Barimbing (Senior Manager of Field Operation Habitat for Humanity) and Mr. Drs. Darman MM as the Head of Wringinanom. To express their gratitude, the locals also presented the traditional dance "Reog" to the USG Boral team.

The joy and gratitude of the families' were evident from the their multiple expressions of thanks. With this high-quality house, the company wishes every family to be more productive, positive, happy and enthusiastic on their life and never give up in achieving their dreams in the future.