DONN® Acoustical Suspension System Shadow Moldings

Designed to master the efficiency of sound system, DONN® Acoustical Suspension System Shadow Molding is meant to develop revealing at ceiling parameters.

Renowned as a product that qualifies well for masking imperfections, DONN® Acoustical Suspension System Shadow Molding has supported a suspension system to allow easy functionality. When it comes to managing the space in terms of articulating ceiling designs, shadow molding is a perfect choice. Its job is to render the right look and placement of every accessory to perfection. Exhibiting quality performance, it has dug a favorable space in the Acoustic World. After all, balancing of sound quality is mandatory to stay away from disturbances. 

Features and Benefits

  • Helps in quick and easy installation
  • Works efficiently to cut down on increasing sound quality
  • Drape up imperfections in bulkheads and drywall partitions
  • Performs effectively for giving appealing touch to the suspension system

Changing the way a suspension system looks, DONN® Acoustical Suspension System Shadow Molding hold specialized features:

  • Type of Edge: Shadowline
  • Material Used: HDG Steel
  • Class: A
  • Color: Blue Grey, Beige, Charcoal, Flat White, Flat Black, Manila, Parchment, Quartz Sienna, Sandstone and Silver Satin.
  • Sustainability: 64.9 percent