DONN® CE Acoustical Suspension System

With a ceiling system that promotes cleaner environs, DONN® CE Acoustical Suspension System is enunciated with an exposed grid system.

Productively certified for delivering environmental friendly atmosphere, DONN® CE Acoustical Suspension System is designed to meet high recycled content standards for quality assurance. The excellence of the product is exhibited in its ability to provide low maintenance. In this, it can be removed without using any tools that does not mandate for hiring experts and paying out to them. Also laced with the quality of holding ceiling tiles securely, this suspension system has its own significance in the acoustical market. 

Features and Benefits

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Meets health care guidelines for safety
  • No clefts between suspension system and tiles
  • Capable of withstanding disinfected chemicals
  • Ability to resist corrosion
  • Withstand high level of humidity
  • Supports cleanroom filters and light

Giving new meaning to the secured products in the category of acoustical suspension system, DONN® CE Acoustical Suspension System is equipped with exclusive specifications.

  • Type of Edge: Gasketed Controlled Environment
  • Material: HDG Steel
  • Class: A
  • Color: Flat White
  • Sustainability: 60 percent