DONN® DXLA™ & DXACE ™ Acoustical Suspension System

Shinning exotically with finest metal finish, DONN® DXSS™ Acoustical Suspension System has held edge over others for its ability of corrosion resistance.

Designed to provide protection in a highly rated industrial world, DONN® DXSS™ Acoustical Suspension System is said to be an economical ceiling suspension system that create its own way by enduring rigorous humid environs. Known for performing qualitatively, it lends a polished finish to the ceiling for augmenting the overall appeal of interiors. Certainly, its high quality components make it worthy to stand by client needs for a beautiful looking ceiling suspension system.

Features and Benefits

  • Ability to survive hot and humid climate conditions
  • Available with lifetime warranty
  • Capable of meeting USDA quality standards
  • Possesses resistance power against corrosive agents
  • Offers durability through non-magnetic stainless steel system
  • Provides high level of protection in industrial environs

Offering quality performance and holds reputation in the market for boosting secured working environment, DONN® DXSS™ Acoustical Suspension System has specifications that add to its performance.

  • Product: Ceiling Suspension System, Ceiling Tile Grid
  • Material Used: Stainless steel
  • Color: Silver