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UNI T Grid - 15mm

An ideal piece of acoustical suspension system that gels well with acoustical tile, light fixtures, and air diffusers, UNI T Grid – 15mm is quick to install and offers tight installation.

Available with demountable designs with fire resistance quality, UNI T Grid – 15mm is highly suitable for the interior environs because of its corrosion resistance quality. Indeed, the globally compatible and cost effective measure of this acoustic suspension system has made it worth to be applied at pharmaceutical industries, aerospace regions, hotels, entertainment centres and instrumental assembly rooms. 

Features and Benefits

  • Quick to install and offers tight installation
  • Open for modification after installation
  • Demountable quality makes relocation easier
  • Cost effective product and globally compatible

Glittering in the world of acoustical suspension systems, UNI T Grid – 15mm is a eco-friendly equipment that is accessible in demountable designs.

  • Material Used: High quality hot dipped Galvanized Iron Sheet
  • Coating: 120gm/sq meter zinc coating
  • Capping: 0.25mm pre coated white GI sheet
  • Wall angle: 0.45mm thick GI precoated white (polyester coating) on one side black color / premier on other side
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