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Baffle Ceiling

Baffle ceiling is considerable possibilities in execution and design for high sound absorption. Shining like a star with the ability to provide high quality sound absorption, baffle ceiling is an integral part of the metal ceiling system that possesses the charm of augmenting room appearance.

Being easily accessible and having considerable possibilities in execution and design, Baffle ceiling is the perfect option to have excellent sound control system. Holding an edge over other counterparts for giving high absorption system, it has managed to establish a special place in the acoustical market. Its Baffle career and suspension system provides an excellent support for efficient functioning. The efficiency powers its applicability to corporate office, transportation sections retail spaces. 

Features and Benefits

  • Considerable possibilities in execution and design
  • High sound absorption
  • Baffles can be collapsible along Unistrut for easy accessibility

Holding prime importance for controlling high volume levels, Baffle Ceiling is made functional with the extensive support of its advanced specifications.

  • Material Used: GI and Aluminium
  • Thickness: 0.50 mm and 0.60 mm
  • Finishes: Color Coated Steel & Powder Coated and Pre Coated Aluminium & Powder Coated
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