Billo™ 3-Dimensional Ceiling Panels

Crafted with much authenticity, Billo™ 3-D Ceiling Panels is powered to develop a dramatic visual appeal.

Creating ceilings with a unique touch in liaison with standard acoustical ceiling structures, Billo™ 3-Dimensional Ceiling Panels has made a mark in the industry. Its working quality is enhanced with sleek, light-weight panels getting accustomed to narrow-profile suspension systems. The excellent development of the structural framework allows for full ceiling accessibility and efficient design alternatives. 

Features and Benefits

  • Curved panels give exceptional appeal to the ceiling
  • Light weight, lay-in panels permits complete ceiling accessibility
  • Compliments décor and creates tremendous visual appeal

Billo™ 3-Dimensional Ceiling Panels are worthy enough to hold a special position in the market for quality performance. They are laced with innovative specifications.

  • Class: B
  • Panel Color: White Translucent, White Opaque
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